Tested. Trusted.

Tempest Harding Incorporated provides network and security consulting, products and services to commercial and Government clients and their contractors worldwide.

Tempest Harding Incorporated is known by the acronym ‘THINC’, because we develop thoughtful network, management and security solutions.

Since 1995, we designed or installed systems for over half a million network connections in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East.

Dun & Bradstreet reported our support, responsiveness, personnel and reputation ratings as 91 of 100. From the beginning, through to the finish, those who are associated with Tempest Harding demand a culture of high quality. 

We work on teams bridging gaps between project management, cabling plant systems and IT and continue to exceed expectations by providing best-of-breed network and security systems.

Tempest Harding has you covered in Defense, Health, Legal and Education. We can assist you almost anywhere.

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