The United States Department of Defense has rigorous regulations, standards and requirements. Tempest Harding has contributed to over four dozen secure network designs or deployments in the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Tempest Harding  surveys, engineers, furnishes, installs, secures, tests and can operate the systems for The Pentagon, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, so far.

Known as trustworthy, Tempest Harding assists Government agencies and Federal contractors achieve their contracting goals.

Tempest Harding is rated by DNB and considered the ‘tested. trusted.” source of network and security solutions due to customer support, responsiveness, personnel and excellent reputation.

With Tempest Harding, you benefit by including personnel experienced in engineering, furnishing, installing, securing, testing and operating military and Government networks and security systems.  

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